Friday, January 28, 2011

In the Blink of an Eye

Who is going around teaching folks that animals evolve overnight?  Over the past few months I have heard several right wing politicians publicly denounce evolution.  Why?  Because they haven't seen an animal morph into something else before their eyes.  This is not a joke, and I saw the examples with my own eyes.  It's not just what someone told me to be funny.

The most recent example was tonight on Real Time With Bill Maher.  A republican politician said he does not believe in evolution because he does not believe that "something crawled out of the ocean and turned into man one day."  Well, genius, of course not!  When people say they don't believe in evolution, I'm beginning to suspect that it's because they were not properly taught about it.  Or perhaps they misunderstood what they were told or were reading about it.

Of course a monkey doesn't start out the beginning of the week as a monkey and by quittin time Friday it's some dude walking out of a board meeting.  Who is even implying this?  I mean if stuff like this were possible, I'd like to start as myself right now, but in oh five or six days from now I'd like to be Madonna. 

This same politician, (I keep omitting his name because if I were him I'd be embarrassed about it but really it can be found online), was talking about global warming.  The other panelists on the show were debating with him on the subject, noting the scientific research on the subject.  The man actually stated that the scientific research shouldn't even be included in the debate on whether or not global warming exists.  Say what?!  Seriously?  Then what should we base it on?  Fortune cookies, faerie tales, and make believe?  How do people come up with this? 

This brings me to another point.  President Obama was absolutely correct in the SOTUA when he said we should care about the winner of the science fair just as much as we care about the winner of the Super Bowl.  Maybe then we'd have people paying attention during science class, and they'd actually learn about and understand the theory of evolution, and how you really can't deny it once you understand it.  Maybe they'd also learn if you're going to debate matters of science, then you really need to include the research to back up your theories or to disprove them.  If the guy doesn't understand science, then he should just not say anything.  Don't feel you need to disagree with something because that's mostly what all those terrible "elite" smartie pants people agree on and they're on the "other" side, and go opening your mouth without fully grasping what you're trying to disprove.  Do your homework, construct a solid argument, or go home.  Some of us were awake during science class, and we can smell your (apparently not very evolved) brain smoking as it works so hard to come up with a reason to disagree with the physical proof of these theories.  Stick to politics.  Leave the scientific explanations and theorizing to actual scientists.  It's like watching Grover explain string theory.  Just stick to near & far!

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