Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Party Hardly

Well my husband's annual work party is fast approaching.  It's always a killer affair, great food, great fun, great prizes!  Alas, it's not something I'll be getting to enjoy this year.  I'm sending my husband, though, to try to win some fabulous loot for us, but I have to stay behind with the kids.  The baby is in full separation anxiety / stranger anxiety mode, and bursts into tears if I hand him to someone else and walk away, even 3 feet away!  He also is not so great at taking a bottle.  I'm pretty bummed out about this, but on the other hand I don't think I'd be too happy leaving the baby just yet.  He's still pretty young.  I had trouble leaving him home with my husband while I went out shopping with my sister!  I'm still in that "I don't want to miss any of those little smiles!" phase.  The phase where you want to see every little thing, but you're exhausted and you need some kind of time to yourself to refresh and gather yourself together. 

Oh well, there will be other parties!  But this baby is only gonna be a baby once, and then this time is gone.  I'd rather use it wisely. 

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