Monday, March 21, 2011

Kindness Towards Others

Today my poor sister had to pass by a deer that had been hit, but was still alive, on the way to work.  Seeing something like that can be painfully sad, especially for animal lovers, which she happens to be.  Someone was waiting with the animal, and police were on their way.  Several kind passer-bys had called to report the situation.  Seeing something suffer can stick with you, and it is no way to start your work week, to say the least.

She posted about it on facebook.  People offered up their sympathy for the animal, and consoled her with kind words.  Then there was this one poster... this girl who told her that is how God wanted that deer to die.  WTF?!  So, God is in the business of inflicting pain and suffering upon innocent animals?  I knew there was some reason I decided to leave His party early.  In my opinion, anyone or anything that purposely wishes or causes suffering for any living thing is pure evil.  How horrible.  I feel sorry for this girl that she actually believes that.  Does that make her feel better?  To believe there is some immortal being out there deciding that some people or animals have to suffer, have to die gruesome deaths, have to endure torture or severe illness... that helps her?  She willingly subscribes to this group that believes that?  Forget it.  Count me out!  If a creator is going to be so cruel to his created, then that is unbelievably horrifying.  Heaven forbid something terrible happens to her family member or something.. she'll have to believe it's God's will that they had a long, painful, drawn out illness, or a brutal, violent death.  God wanted it that way?!  Please. 

I'd like to focus on the fact that, even though this poor animal had to hurt, there were people who looked out for it.  Someone stayed with it, several others called for help to end the suffering.  So, when I see the ugly in one person, I can turn away and see the kindness and compassion in others.  I'm sure glad they didn't turn away from that creature because they thought God wanted to punish that animal with a slow, painful death.  I prefer to leave the Earth a little better than I found it, not throw in the towel because something else maybe had a different plan. 

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