Friday, March 4, 2011

Update Time

Update on the crazy MIL birthday party... We got an email about the menu.  She will be making baked ziti, which is full of cheese.  She was there when my son was diagnosed with a milk allergy, and is very clear on the fact that I cannot eat that.  It really seems like she does not want me to participate at all in this party.  The one time in 11 years I have dietary restrictions, and for her grandson whom I nurse, and she cannot make sure she has something I can eat.  My husband has food preferences (not allergies, he just doesn't like cheese, butter or cream), and my family has been respectful of that for all 11 years.  As I just mentioned, my husband doesn't like cheese and so she never makes things with cheese for us when he's around, but now that I can't eat cheese she's all about making it.  Just like never mentioning bowling ever, and now that it is not convenient to be in a bowling alley with an infant, she is just dying to go.  Ugh.

Update on the new range.  I'm still in love with this oven/stove.  I had 3 loaves of challah baking today, and 2 were in the convection oven.  Total perfection!  Best loaves yet.  I also used the middle, 5th fish burner, while using 2 other burners.  Everything fit on, and the grill I got for that 5th burner was awesome.  We had steak with a red wine mushroom sauce, steamed asparagus, and challah.  Good Shabbos!!

Today has been a very long, and very productive day.  I finally got my license switched over to reflect that we have changed states.  My rings are being sized, since my fingers have shrunk.  I did a massive Target run.... the list goes on.  So now, after a home pedicure, I'm off to bed.  Goodnight!

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