Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crazy Far and Near

Today was thee day for the insane to shine.  First, we hear of Westboro Baptist Church, and their win in the Supreme Court.  My deepest sympathies to Christians who have to share the lable with members of this cult.  Even more so for the families who have been and will continue to be bullied by these opportunistic bottom-feeders.  If I believed in Satan, I'm sure I would recognize his face in theirs.

Next up in the line of crazies, Charlie Sheen.  Enough has been said on him already.  Just let us know when he implodes.  NEXT!

Now, onto my dear mother-in-law.  The woman who cannot drive the one hour and twenty minute drive to our home because she "cannot afford the gas", but goes up to Rhode Island every chance she gets.  We have a family reunion planned there for August, and we were apprehensive, as I mentioned in a previous post, about staying in the same rental home as a bunch of other people.  Mainly this is because our oldest son is an energetic handful, and a lot of the people going are retired, or could be retired, seniors.  He gets extra crazy around company, and shows off and is loud.  He will need a place to go calm down and rest at the end of the night, and throughout the week.  So, of course, she was expecting we'd stay there, and was expecting our money to pay towards the rental.  All without asking us, mind you.  So she called today to tell me she's going up to Rhode Island next week, and she'd like to take me and the boys with her on the like 8 hour plus trip.  I don't know where we'd stay or if she was planning on driving for over 16 hours in one day, but we don't really get along well enough to spend that much time in a little car together.  Now, add in a baby who screams in his car seat.  He frantically sobs and hyperventilates as if he is being injured.  It is extremely upsetting to listen to.  My oldest child starts screaming back at him within seconds to calm down.  It is very loud and very unnerving.  I do not look forward to the trip in August, let alone doing it by myself now with my mil when I know the baby can't handle it.  At least in August he may be older, and hopefully grown out of his screaming in the car.  So, I explained to her why it would be a disaster, and she assured me that it would not bother her at all to hear the baby screaming and crying.  Well I'm so glad she can tune a baby in emotional distress out, but he is my son and that would drive me to tears.  Not to mention the added noise of the 3 year old screaming at him, and having to sit beside his screaming brother.  That is upsetting to him, too.  Then I have to stop every 2 hours or so to feed the baby.  Then the baby's sleep schedule will be a mess from being in the car all day.  I told her we were planning to stop halfway in August when we go, and she said we could do that next week.  Great, who is paying for that?  It would just be me, her, and 2 angry and upset little boys for days on end.  Fabulous.  She kept trying to convince me I need to "break them in" to the ride.  I told her if I went now and it went badly, which I can almost guarantee it will, I would not go in August because I couldn't convince myself to do it again.  At least in August, if it goes bad, we still get there for the reunion.  So she assured me she goes up all the time, so the opportunity will come up again.  Great, so about the gas you can't afford to come see your grandkids....

It was my mil's birthday yesterday, and since she found out we took our oldest son bowling for the first time at my mother's suggestion, she now has to take him bowling, too.  So she wants a bowling party this weekend.  Great, an infant at a bowling alley.  This kid has so much trouble taking a nap away from home, but it will be impossible at a loud bowling alley.  Plus everyone touching the dirty, oily bowling balls, and then touching the baby.  I don't love that idea.  So, she said it's fine.  She has no problem if the baby and I need to stay at her house.  Great.  I was totally dying to drive for an hour and twenty minutes to go sit alone with the baby in someone's house with two pit bulls that hate me and aggressively bark and growl at me and my kids, and that I equally hate.  Then I get to drive an hour and twenty minutes back home when the rest of them are done with their bowling party.  She is so thoughtful and considerate.  I wouldn't complain at all if this was something she usually does, and it was tradition.  I wouldn't expect the world to stop for me, but she NEVER has requested anything like this ever until this very moment when it's just not the greatest situation for me.  She even said that other family members said "Well what about her and the baby.  The baby won't like it, and neither will she."  She said she thought it would be fine, and we could just be at the house.  So, it's not just me.  She can't even drive here to have us pay attention to her and entertain her all day and go home, but she expects me to drive up there to do nothing?  Craaaaa-zay.

So, there you have it.  This day has been a great one for the mentally infirm.  Now, I need to go look at some alcohol and wish I wasn't nursing a baby, cause I'd sit and drink for a good long while after today.

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