Saturday, March 5, 2011


As a parent, you know certain signs that point to all sorts of trouble.  If things are too quiet, something is going down in the other room and you better go check.  If a kid seems tired, and then they get into this giddy, super energetic streak you are looking at an over-tired kiddo who is going to fight going to sleep.  When my 3 year old gets all weepy and whiny, and almost everything makes him cry, it's usually because he's getting sick.  I'm not sure if he is sick or not, but about midway through the day the waterworks started.  He is not a cryer, even when he falls and hurts himself it has to be pretty nasty for him to cry.  If he gets to the point where he can't handle anything, and he's just sobbing... ugh.  There is usually something lurking.  So, time will tell, but I'm not looking forward to whatever is coming down the road that has him so beside himself. 

The baby, thankfully, has been sleeping through his naps and the night again now that we turned up his air purifier setting.  The neighbors vehicle is extremely loud, and it started waking him up every morning when they left for work at 5:30AM, and then if they went out in the middle of the day, it even interrupted his naps.  (I'm not angry at them, they obviously can have whatever car they want and they certainly aren't doing anything TO us or to upset us, it's just the facts... it wakes up the baby.)  So, I was trying to think of ways to fix this for him.  I'm hoping the air purifier adjustment keeps working for him.  I just heard them fire up the car, and he didn't stir, so crossing my fingers!!! 

I recommend air purifiers to parents with babies and small kids.  We've always had one going for each of our boys, and they've been pretty good sleepers.  My oldest was a better sleeper than the baby is, but the baby really is not a bad sleeper either.  He was sleeping through the night by 3 months old, and before that he would usually only wake 1-2 times a night, even when he was first born.  The wooshing of an air purifier helps me sleep, too.  I cannot sleep in silence, and I need total darkness.  I'm a pretty light sleeper.  So, air purifiers, not just for babies, and not for just cleaning up the air!  :)

We started the baby on cereal today.  I got formula to mix it with because he still nurses a lot, and I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to pump.  Soooooo, since he has a dairy allergy he needs the ultra expensive, special formula.  Guess what, it tastes like ass.  Seriously.  I don't even know how babies who rely on that thrive at all.  I wouldn't eat that garbage.  My baby made the worst faces, and hated it.  So I dumped it, and made the cereal with water.  He loved that!  So I wasted $22 on the tiniest can of formula I could find.  The doctor warned me "it doesn't taste very good, and so nursing babies usually won't eat or drink it", but she didn't say "feeding this awful stuff to your kid is pretty obviously child abuse." 

The baby has been waking up and saying "muh muh muh muh muh muh muh muh" over and over again until we go get him.  I'm wondering if he's trying to call me because he is awake and hungry?  Are we gonna skip Dada as the first word and go straight for Mama?  He can say Da, but he doesn't say it TO my husband yet.  He just babbles it, and babbles it a lot.  My first son said Dada first, then Mama, and then Bob.  We had no idea who this Bob was he was talking about, and he said it in this loud, growling/shout.  Then we figured it out, we would yell at our cat Molly in the same type of voice, and he was trying to imitate it.  He couldn't say Molly, so it came out Bob (kind of like Baahb, so we could see how that was a little like Molly).  So, we called her Bob too for awhile.  So we will see what path his little brother takes.

I earned my sleep tonight!  This is the first time I've sat down, other than to feed my children, all day.  I had a spare 15 minutes between cleaning this entire house, doing several loads of laundry, and going to the grocery store, and I used those minutes to have bike races with my oldest son outside.  So off I go!  Nice, relaxing day tomorrow with my mom and sister.

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