Monday, March 14, 2011


A lot has been going on for the past week or so, and I've been observing all of it.  As for my usual ranting, I haven't been feeling it....

Everyone is watching Charlie Sheen.  I have been, and I've been laughing at the insane things coming out of his mouth.  However, part of me knows we're watching a mentally ill person take an epic fall.  Most mentally ill folks spiral out of control in private, so the world isn't laughing at them as they fall.  Half of me feels bad pointing and laughing, but the other part sees that he is putting himself out there with such pride.  I'm sure someone has filled him in on how bad of an idea it is, so that half of me doesn't feel bad.  He could choose to not be so public about things.  Part of me wonders if it's not some elaborate publicity stunt.

So that was the light side of things...

Japan is also going on, and the bigger, actually important and relevant story.  There is nothing like real, unexpected tragedy to shake you.  It reminds us of everything important, and how there are no guarantees.  I have been watching others' reactions to this natural disaster, and I cannot believe how many appalling reactions are out there.  Right away people tie it to religion.  I don't understand how they don't see the contradiction when they say their God loves everyone, and he made everyone, and then they say he did this for some type of revenge.  So, which is it, he creates and loves, or he murders.  Which is it?  Thou shalt not kill.  Is it a do as I say, not as I do?  So, I'm not buying it.  Then there are others choosing to laugh at the loss of so many.  I cannot even get close to understanding how people are finding humor in the midst of all the suffering.  I mean, I have inappropriate laughter.  When I'm super anxious, even scared or see something that is overwhelmingly emotional, I tend to giggle as I protective reaction.  If that is what I saw going on, I'd see people protecting themselves from the situation , but these people are making actual jokes they think are funny.  There is nothing funny about it.  Inappropriate laughter has nothing to do with if something is funny.  So, it's not self preservation, it's cruel.  When I think, for even a second, about the horror and grief these folks went/are going through, it feels like I'm being suffocated. 

Now, to lighten things up before I am crushed under the weight of the world...

Bonus Kid-ism!:

My 3 year old:

"Oh, Mom, you're using Oxy Clean."
"Yes, how did you know that?"
"Well, it has stain fighters.  It sprays on blue, and when it turns white, it's ready to wipe!"
"Where did you hear this?!"
"Oh, I watched the Oxy Clean Show!"

My 3 year old, again:

(husband) "Why aren't you in bed?"
(son) "Daddy, Daddy!  I need somethin'!  It's complicated!"

And again:

(a "talking" toy) "Come play with me!"
(son) "Um, okay.  I'll play with you.  But you're just a toy." (as if he had to explain to the toy that it shouldn't talk because it was not a person.)

And one more:
(me) "Why are your ears so dirty?"
(son) "Well, there's a tiny little dirt man who lives in my ears.  He's making lots of dirt piles!"

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