Monday, March 7, 2011

Where Does The Time Go

I saw a picture of my youngest son yesterday.  He was about a week old in the picture, and he looks like a teenie tiny peanut.  I looked over at him, after seeing the picture, and thought "You're enormous!"  He is just growing so fast!  The enormity isn't just a statement on his size, but his personality, his achievements, his eating and sleeping habits.  Everything just advances so rapidly when they are so young, but I don't have to tell parents about this.  We are all well aware!

The baby started making the "da" and "ma" and "ba" sounds recently.  He'd babble all day about "dadadadadada" and I was joking "Who is this "Da", and why is he so special?", but we were pretty sure he was just babbling since he never used the sound to address or call for my husband.  But, yesterday, when he awoke he called for "Mama" repeatedly, both in the morning and at naptime.  Then, in the evening, he wanted me to come get him while my mom had him (he's such a Momma's boy & is having some anxiety when he can't see me or just plain wants me to hold him), and he cried "Mama!!"  This happened two times.  My mother and sister heard it too, so it's official.  haha  My other son's first word was "Dada", as is most babies' first words.  But, the Mommykin that he is, of course he went with "Mama".  Today he didn't say it much.  He was all about blowing raspberries instead.

In addition to learning some new sounds, and asking for his favorite person, Momma, he has learned ways to move around the floor more quickly.  He rolls continuously from one point to another, and he still does an inch-worm move.  Today, he realized there was more to explore than just the living room.  He took off down our entryway, and then he bumped his chin on the wood floor.  That was the end of that.  The rest of the day he mostly stuck to the living room, within about 2 feet of the large blanket we have down for him to play on.  I like to have the blanket there so we have a place we avoid stepping on, but he likes to roll off of it, anyway.  At least I tried!

I'm thrilled to have a happy, healthy growing baby, but it can feel a little sad to see them grow so fast.  You want to soak up that short time you have when they are so tiny, snuggly, and innocent.  Am I wrong?!  As my husband puts it "They are irresistible!" 

So, maybe this isn't the most exciting entry, but it's exactly what is on my mind at the moment.  This weekend, and today I've been feeling this bittersweet emotion as I watch him transition from a passive, tiny newborn, to this active, growing child with his own personality, likes, dislikes, and habits.  When I wake up in the morning, he'll be in college! 

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