Thursday, March 3, 2011

Doing my homework...

I'd like to start off tonight's post by pointing out my own stupidity.  I gave my son a tall, cool glass of red fruit punch today.  So much for testing how he does without red 40 for several days.  Guess we start from scratch yet again.  What I do know is that he couldn't listen to save his life tonight.  I had put away that drink, but I had gotten it out for company, and then forgot to put it back.  Then, in a tired moment, gave it to him since we were out of milk, and he didn't want water.  Bad Momma.

Anyway, on to the meat of the post.  I have to go to the DMV tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to this about as much as I look forward to getting a root canal.  The last time I went, I stood in line forever just to find out that was a line to see if you would be allowed to stand in the real line.  I didn't pass.  She had a problem with one of my pieces of proof that I now live here.  So, my husband has off tomorrow, and I'm going to try again.  I have 4 different items that are on the list of approved ways to prove you live at your address.  I'm sure she'll find a way to try to turn me away, anyway, but I'm loaded!  haha  I will get into the actual line!  I have everything ready to roll.  I also have picked out an outfit and how I will wear my hair.  My old license is terrible.  This one must be better than the last. 

They always tell you to smile at the DMV for your picture.  I always tell them no.  When they ask why, I explain that I want my picture to be realistic, and if an officer needs to ask me for my license, I will not be smiling. 

At least I have an iPhone this time.  I'll have a way to occupy myself.  Hopefully I won't be there so long that my husband needs to bring the baby in to nurse.  The DMV is like a menagerie of the most unusual and exotic germ species.  I feel dirty just driving past it!  I'll have to take a lysol bath when I get home.  Why are they always so disgusting?  And then ours has these charming old coots standing outside trying to tell people to impeach the President.  One of the best things I ever saw was this older white lady in a housecoat and curlers just tear into those guys.  They asked her to come talk to them, and she said "No I will not!  You guys are such losers."  She told them to get a life, get a job, and get over it!  It was great.  I always say I am going to show up early one day and set up a free cookie stand where they usually are.  I mean people are already pissed off enough going into the DMV.  No one needs political nut-jobs standing outside harassing people.  I'd like to stand there, hand out free homemade cookies, and tell people to have a wonderful day.  That is what people actually NEED at the DMV.  That and hand sanitizer.

I should probably turn in early tonight, to get my beauty sleep.  I need to look young and refreshed in my photo, and not like the tired early 30's mother of two young boys that I am.  I mean I guess I don't NEED to, but it would sure be nice!

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