Thursday, March 10, 2011

On A Roll!

Good things here at home today!  I finally got my wedding rings resized.  I dropped like an entire person's worth of weight, and so my rings were falling off.  Worse yet, they were falling off without me even feeling them fall, so I'd have to back track to find them.  I found them in some pretty bad spots, and was lucky that I didn't permanently lose them.  Now they are safe and sound on my finger, the correct size!  I also got another ring of significant emotional importance resized.  I will taken a few in here and there until all of them fit me again.  It's not so bad going down sizes, but if you want to resize a ring going the other direction it can be crazy expensive right now with the price of gold!  Just FYI.

I would like to give a shout out to Pottery Barn Kids.  I must say they do care about their customers, and take their concerns very seriously.  They immediately got back to my email, and provided excellent customer service.  I am very excited to receive the curtains I purchased for my son's bedroom.  The kiddo has had only white black out panels hanging from his beautiful window for nearly a year now.  I couldn't find curtains in the proper blue, or even a valance.  The black out panels are terrible, do not line up right so light gets through, and they are ugly as sin.  It'll be nice for this finishing touch to be complete.  He has a train-theme room.  I made a lot of the decorations myself.  I framed a beautiful photograph of a train engine I took, and hung it in his room as art.  I recommend that to anyone pondering what to put on their walls.  Use your own, meaningful photos.  Now with digital cameras, it's easy to pick good shots and to go online and order large prints.  Everytime I look at that train I remember the day trip we took with my son, and how much he loved it.  That is so much better than a generic picture from some department store (Though, they are nice, too for some things.  They just don't have the same meaning.)

My husband got a letter of recognition from a high ranking superior today.  He works very hard, and very long hours.  He has been getting a lot of recognition, though, and it's good to be appreciated and noticed.  People have been seeking him out specifically for things, and he has become quite the go-to guy.  We are very proud of Daddy here at this house! 

So you know when you're on a winning streak (an actual one, Charlie Sheen, not something you dream up as winning), and you hope it keeps going.  Your imagination can go wild imagining what other awesome things could happen for you.  Perhaps we should play the lottery!  It's our day, after all!  Maybe I should head into a cancer research lab.  Maybe they could use some of our good luck and positive energy.  Wouldn't it be great if that's how things worked?! 

Tomorrow we are going to the local MOMS club meeting.  We are hoping to meet some folks in the area, since we're still fairly new here.  We have met a lot of neighbors, but not too many folks beyond our neighborhood.  Our young sons could use some friends their age in the area.  So far, my oldest only has 2 friends close to his own age here.  The other kids are fairly older than he is.  We are crossing our fingers that we meet some new buddies!  Hopefully our good luck carries through until tomorrow at least. 

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