Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Poop/Shoot Dispute

Oh, "The Real America", how we love thee.  Gun totin', rural livin', right wingin', God fearin', "Real Americans".  So a dog drops a deuce in your yard... what do you do?  If you're a "real American" you shoot the dude who owns the little pooper, with your 2nd Amendment shotgun.  Can I get a "Hell yeah?!"  (maybe you can't see eye roll that goes along with that sentence.)

So, just so everyone is clear, this is the picture that other countries have of us in their heads.  I read about this story on the BBC news site in the UK.  I'm so sure that is what the founding fathers had in mind with the 2nd amendment.  Clearly there is no need for further gun control.  The government should just stay out of it.  Eventually it'll take care of itself when all the crazies out there have shot everyone who's dog has pooped in their yard, accidentally shoots themselves with their own gun, accidentally shoots their friends while hunting, and with the new "guns allowed in bars" laws in some parts, takes their gun out for indoor target practice with the dart board after knocking back a few stiff drinks.  I believe in the Bible it even says "Shoot thy neighbor if thy neighbor's dog leaves a shadooby on thy lawn." 

Oy vey.

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