Friday, October 21, 2011

My husband tries his hand at writing my blog post....

My husband called me on the way home from work today...

Him Honey, I know what you can write your blog on tonight.

Me Ooooookay.  What?

Him I just saw a bumper sticker.

Me Okay... so I'll write about you seeing a bumper sticker?

Him Well it said "I kiss my dog on the lips."  It might as well say "I like the taste of dog butt."

Me Okay, yeah that is gross.  There is only one degree of separation between you and your dogs ass if you're kissing his mouth... but I need a little something more to go on.  My blog posts tend to be a little longer than that.

Him Well you see, dogs lick their butt a lot, and all day long.  So it's like kissing their butt.

Me Yeah, I get that.  Super gross.  So I should write an entire blog post about that?  What else is there to say?  

Him Well, see, it's like they are kissing...

Me Yes, we've been over that... but now I'm wondering if you see why I write the fun blog and You write the boring techie blog...

Him They are kissing their dog's butt!

Me Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!  I cannot write about THAT!  But I can write about you wanting to write about it, because now you're just cuckoo.  

Him It's gross.

Me  Yes, dear.  Good talk.  Good talk.  Oh, look, the kids are trying to kill each other.  Gotta run!

I think I will not be outsourcing my blog topics to him anytime soon.  You're welcome. 

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