Monday, October 31, 2011

Knock on the door with a Big Bang, it's Trick-or-Treat!

Tonight was trick-or-treat!  It might sound redundant to say that, considering it is Halloween... however, I came from a town that celebrated trick-or-treat on some random night that was never really Halloween, so I felt I should mention the normally obvious.  Anywho... my oldest son wanted my husband and I to dress up to go trick-or-treating with the boys.  At first I was quick to jump at the chance to be Kate Middleton, and wear my gorgeous tiara from my wedding.  I suggested to my husband he wear a garbage bag stuffed with newspaper and go as "white trash", but he thought that was not cool around the kids.  (Weenie)  Then it hit me... with very few clothing pieces I could quickly purchase we could go as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler and Dr. Sheldon Cooper, AKA ShAmy from "The Big Bang Theory".  I only had to buy 3 things to pull it off.  I'm not sure what that says about our wardrobe, though.  All I know is, I now understand why Amy has such a boxy frame... it's her penchant for wearing way too many layers of clothing!  I had 4 shirts on to pull off her look.  By the end I had nearly no shape, and the ruffles from the one blouse did not so much seem feminine as give me more of a manish look as they poofed out my sweater that was over them (and a cardigan over that!).  I had a tank under all of it, because I always have one on.  (OCD much?).  Either way, it was perfect.  I also just wore my glasses, straightened my hair, put a barrette in, wore a plain black skirt, nude panty hose, and black flats.  Voila!  My husband wore jeans, converse sneakers, a striped long sleeve shirt with a Green Lantern t-shirt over that.  I combed and gel'd his hair in place and suddenly ShAmy was born.  haha  It was fun, especially the part where people weren't sure we were in costume, and gave us looks like we were weirdos.

My oldest son went as a robot, as I mentioned in a previous post.  It was a HUGE success.  Everyone was saying how awesome it was.  They loved the sounds, the lights, and his robot acting skills.  :)  There were several people who said it was the best costume of the night.  Who needed that blue ribbon?!  haha  That's all a Momma needs is a happy kid who feels like the belle of the ball (or whatever the dude equivalent of that would be) to inspire here to keep making these kinds of costumes.  Everyone loved the baby in his little duckie costume, but he got cold and cranky after a little while.  I brought him home, and then I got right down to business handing out spiked hot apple cider to our (adult) neighbors.  Hey, it was the only Halloween I have ever known to have snow on the ground... we needed something to keep us warm.  Plus, when do the parents get their treat?  I know, you're all saying "When the kids go to bed and we raid their candy stash."  But who wants to wait?!

We had great decorations inside and out, fun jack-o-lanterns (my Hello Kitty Jack-o-Lantern turned lots of heads, and even had her picture taken by adoring fans), a strobe light, painted pumpkins, mums, candles, pumpkin lights and a light up spider web and spider.  We were ready to go!  I made homemade chicken and waffles to fortify the troops before we set out (and before my Mom and Sis got ready to hand out candy to the masses for us so we could go out with the boys), mini apple pies, and, of course, the warm cider with some "Halloween spirits".  It was a fun night.  I think we all enjoyed ourselves, and it was great to spend it with my family and our great neighbors.  This is why Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year.   


  1. i didn't realize you bought .any. piece of your costume... hehe TT

  2. Oh snork snork smarty pants. I had to buy that cardigan! But yes, the rest I owned. I realize now, it's really about how you put the clothes together. Individually those pieces rock... all together... schoolmarm.