Sunday, October 23, 2011

When packing up your car to return home, you may want to include the baby before you leave...

This weekend was my littlest cousin's 6th birthday.  His party was today, and I was responsible for making his cake.  He requested a cake representing 2 different football teams, and so I made a fun mash-up cake.  Of course, the tricky part was keeping my 3 boys (yes, the tall one too!) off of the cake before we got there.  Aside from turning a curve to find a stopped car in the middle of the road and having to slam on the brakes and just barely missing hitting it and getting that colorful cake in my face... we got the cake there in one piece. 

At the party, my youngest son started out quiet and bashful, but soon was running around shouting his gibberish.  He was making his rounds with our family members, and everyone was getting their baby snuggles in.  My Aunt was holding the baby, while we started to pack up our car.  So we loaded up, and my husband started to get into the car when my sister asked where the baby was.  We noticed he wasn't in the car.  Whooooopsie!  haha  I thought my husband had gotten him from my Aunt, and he thought I had.  Of course, we could hear the howling laughter from inside... all the way out in our car.

In our defense, they did not cover this in the parenting class we attended this week, so we cannot be held accountable.  What kind of parenting class WAS it, anyway, if it did not cover emergency first aid OR remembering to take your children home with you... both things we could have used this week.  Really our first son is damn lucky he has made it to 4 years old with this kind of lack of information out there.  I blame the system. 

And, in super happy and long overdue news.... the boys are healthy!  Let's hope we are going to start a trend now of no illness.  :)  It's so nice to see them feeling so well.  My oldest kiddo's new teacher starts tomorrow, too... so fresh starts all around.  Just in time for Halloween... one of the best days for a kid (and grown ups alike... thinking of handing out spiked warm cider to our friends taking their kids around for trick-or-treat to take the chill off :) ).

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