Monday, October 10, 2011

It's all fun and games until someone plows down your tree

It was another busy weekend and holiday for our family.  We had a fun weekend full of fall fun, starting with a Fall Harvest Festival at which we volunteered and also got some time to enjoy.  At the festival was Captain Jack Sparrow, who is now my pirate husband.  Everytime I say this my real husband rolls his eyes.  The first thing I said to my pirate husband was "I've been trying to get my husband to dress like this for years!" to which he responded "I've been looking for a wife for years, and you smell good!"  So, we really had to get pirate-married. 

After the festival, we went out to a local farm/orchard, and took a hay ride out to their pumpkin patch.  We had fun with the kids, "hunting pumpkins" as my oldest said.  Then, my husband mowed the normal looking lawn when we got home.  That may sound like a boring piece of trivia, but it will be important later!

Yesterday we were out of state for most of the day, getting the baby's portraits done, and visiting family.  I wasn't feeling well (equal parts brilliant and stupid to wear slip on shoes to volunteer at the moonbounce... easy to get in and out, but tend to get grass and stone in your shoes from taking them on and off leading to lots and lots of painful blisters :( ), and with the past month of illness throughout the family and assorted other stresses between the school issues, my husband's ever changing work schedule, and just about a ton of other things, I have been emotionally exhausted.  Well, my son's pictures were printed poorly, so I had to take a return trip and walk (which is seriously painful right now) way more than I really could stand to get them fixed.  My MIL and her boyfriend did not want my husband to go back to get the reprints, so they laid the guilt on thick and convinced me to go.  So, while I was there, I decided to self-medicate with an Abercrombie and Fitch shopping spree.  Needless to say, my husband was not quite as enthusiastic about my new outfits as I was. I'm wearing a pair of my new pants RIGHT NOW, and let me say they are so comfy and so cute.  :P

Today, when I woke my son up for school, I opened his curtains, and that is when I saw it.  Someone had driven through our yard and ripped it up.  We had a super busy morning ahead of us, so I just told my husband as a quick FYI, and we would check on the extent of the damage later.  Later in the day, my husband and son went to the library and to the doctor (yet again... now all 3 of the males in this house have been on or are on antibiotics for the assorted illnesses they've had for over a month now), and then, as I found out, to the mall.

I went out to check the mail, yes, Columbus Day, no mail!  While I was outside, I decided to look at the tire tracks.  As I was noticing that it seemed to be a motorcycle, as there wasn't always 2 tracks, and in spots where you could see 2 tracks kind of going the same direction, they'd get closer together and further apart, which a car wouldn't do (obviously).  This person pulled in and out of our yard and was turning and burning out in the mud.  They obviously came into the yard from the neighbor's driveway.  One of those neighbors has (or had, maybe he just sold it and that was the first thing the person who bought it did) a motorcycle.  There was a tire track of burnt rubber on their driveway, too.  Then, I saw that there was a full on accident.  Our tree was hit.  Bark was burned off or rubbed off, and several parts of it were straight up missing.  The entire thing was bent over, and many branches/trunks were (short tree or tall bush, it has lots of "trunks") totally broken and snapped in half.  I'm not sure where 50% of the tree went, but what was left of it now has about 50% of that gone from me taking out the broken pieces.  So, I spent a long time cleaning up my yard and garden and the tree.  We will have to repair and reseed some of the lawn.  The thing that really kills me is, no one left a note or knocked on our door to tell us they did that, that it was an accident.  Just fess up!  People make mistakes... unless it wasn't a mistake.  So, time will tell, I guess.  It's just annoying, and one more thing to add to the list of things that aren't quite going right.  My anxiety makes it hard to remember to see all the things going right, but I do get there.  I do remember that the crap going awry is just that, crap.  Most of it is just little things that are fixable.  Just why so many at once?  Eeek.  Oh well.  At least I still have all of my beautiful boys (and my extra pirate husband haha) to distract me from it and keep me smiling!

So, on that note.... we'll end with the conversation my real, not extra, husband and I had just before I sat down to write my blog...

Me You got a new phone, didn't you?

Him Yup

Me  Well, what did you get?  A droid, you got a droid, didn't you?

Him Yup

Me Well, I guess that means you really do love my new Abercrombie pants!  I knew you'd come around.

Him I'm calling you on my Abercrombie pants right now.


Me Guess your phone doesn't actually make phone calls.  Should've gone with the real Abercrombie pants.  tsk tsk  Oooh, mine just told me I have a new voicemail.  Oh, it says 'Those pants are so super cute.  It's so good that you got them, and the other pants and tops that are also super cute.  You could probably cure cancer in those pants.  You're husband can't even figure out how to play angry birds on that phone.'

He stopped talking to me.

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