Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hear no, see no, speak no evil... unless you're 4 then say whatever you see or hear!

My 4 year old hit the "repeat everything you hear" stage a loooooong time ago, so we started spelling out anything we didn't want him to understand or repeat later.  Today that brilliant little game came to a screeching halt, thanks to his current focus on reading and spelling.

Me: We have got to get rid of this birthday cake.  I can't be around it or I'll totally D-I-E.

Son: Yes, me too.  I could totally D-I-E.

And that was that.  Now we'll have to get more creative, I suppose, or start only having very dull and boring conversations while the kids are awake.  That sounds painful and soul crushing, so we better come up with a new approach very soon!

Later on we went out to pick up Halloween costume supplies at Lowes.  On our way we encountered a huge traffic issue and a group of protesters.  We were about to give up on making the usually 10 minute trip...

Husband: What is going on?  This is tying up the entire city.  There is literally a circle around the center of the city and we cannot get around!

Me: I know.  Oh wait, there's going to be a break!  *just as we go to turn, the cop who was stopping traffic decides to no longer remain parked and turns into our path without warning* This is ridiculous!

Son: This is ridiculous!  People driving today, that is ridiculous!  

*snickering from the parents*

2 minutes later, while we're parking

Son: Aaaah!  People are coming out of the store, taking things to their car, and getting in their car and driving away.  That is ridiculous!  This rain is ridiculous!  Look at how they painted the name on the store...!

Me: *after howling with laughter and then managing to collect myself*  Okay, let's go into this ridiculous place and get some ridiculous supplies, Mr. Ridiculous.

Son: Mommy, that's ridiculous!

I wonder what his "news of the day" will be tomorrow at school.  Whatever it is, it's probably so ridiculous that I will D-I-E when he tells me.

Oh well, all good things come to an end.  Before my 4 year old calls me out on something insane I said in the privacy of my own home while we are out in public, I better install a better filter between my brain and my mouth. 

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