Friday, October 7, 2011

On getting back to normal, whatever that is!

My son seems pretty much back to his normal, fun, cheerful self.  Yesterday he didn't have any time-outs, and when I corrected him a few times he immediately followed my instructions.  Today he did get carried away a couple times, but just his usual not watching where he was going.  But, he is not acting out anymore or misbehaving in strange and mean ways.  He was also super happy after school again today.  What a relief.  Hopefully the change in his class happened just in time, before his love of school and learning was totally squashed.  So, in honor of this funny little man, I'll post some of his "kidisms" for the week.

-Son Mom, I just stepped on that cricket and a tooth came out his butt.

-Son Again, Mrs. was not at school today.  She must still be sleeping.

-Son Mom I am sweating so much.  I need a hot chocolate to cool down.

-Son I don't know where my watch is.  This is a problem.  We should probably investigate.

-*The phone rings*
Son Mom, is that a sales person?

Me Nope, it's Aunt C.

Son Oh.  What is she trying to sell you?

Me Nothing.

Son Then why did she call?

Me There used to be a time when people just called each other on the phone to have a nice conversation with each other, and it wasn't all sales calls.

Son Ooooooooooooooooh, weird. 

-Son Mommy, your hair looks ridiculous.

Me What?  Why?  Why is it so bad?

Son No, GOOD ridiculous.  Like very ridiculous.  It's big, too.

Me My brain hurts.

Son Maybe it's your hair.

*And last, but not least.... this little fun nugget...

- Son Mommy, could you please give me those scissors.  I need to clip these coupons, and send them to Santa.  He could use the help. 

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  1. Dexter and his dry delivery are way too funny.