Monday, October 17, 2011

McGruff comes to school and Momma fights traffic crime by yelling at random drivers

My son has a new teacher, already!  I got to meet her today, and she is so nice and so knowledgeable about the type of school he is attending.  She observed his class today.  I knew this for a few reasons #1, they sent a letter home saying she would be.  #2, he said "McGruff came to our class today.  She was nice and she looks wonderful!"  Her name is not McGruff, but it sounds similar.  I suppose he decided he liked McGruff better.  And #3, she told us at our meeting today that she observed class today.  Then she offered up this little story about observing:

I came into the class today, and the teachers explained I would be observing.  They did not say I would be the new teacher, because we didn't want the kids to focus on me while I was trying to observe their day.  One little friend came over to me several times to engage me, and ask me questions.  I told them I was just watching them work today, and they went back to work.  Then they came back and said "Why do you want to watch us work?"

I knew right away that was my kid.  He doesn't miss anything.  He saw someone/something new, and had to investigate.  haha  He also would ask why, because he'd find it quite boring to want to just sit and watch people work instead of being involved.  So, when I came home I asked him if he talked to McGruff, and he said "She was just watching us.  We were supposed to just do our work."  So I asked him who went over and talked to her.  He said one little girl went over to her, but when I started telling the story he said "Oh, that was me!  I wanted to know why she just wanted to sit there and watch us!"  Exactly.  The teacher did not indicate if the child was male or female, or even look my way, but I know that boy all too well to not recognize him in that story.  He's one of the most inquisitive people I know, and he does NOT let things rest.  He needs to get to the bottom of it. 

I often trap myself with that kid when I answer his questions.  For example, one thing I hate about where we live is the horrendous drivers.  People around here could not drive themselves out of a paper bag if their lives depended on it.  We have lived here for less than 2 years, and our cars have been hit and dinged in parking lots soooooooooooo many times.  My husband's bumper was ripped part way off his car the first week we lived here.  So, I often mouth off to folks while driving, though in much more clean language than before I had kids in the car.  Well, now my oldest asks questions about almost everything I say, so this is what I got the other day:

Me: Welcome to Maryland!

Him: Yes!  We are in Maryland!  Wait, why did you say that? Who are you talking to?

Me: No one.  Your Mommy has a bad habit of talking to people who can't hear her.  I'm just upset because no one here knows how to drive!

Him: Sure they do, Mommy! Look, there is someone driving RIGHT NOW!

Me: That's not what I mean.  I mean they DO drive, they just do not drive well.  They stink at it, as a matter of fact.

Him: Hmmm, why?  That car looks okay.

Me: Well, I don't know why.  They just are terrible drivers here.  Yes, that car looks okay for the moment, but I'm sure they'll mess up any moment now.  Look, see!  No turn signal!  They forgot to use their turn signal!


Me:  They can't hear you.  They are too busy being a bad driver, and their windows are up.

Him: But you were talking to them.

Me: Yes, because I am crazy.  You don't want to be a crazy person like your Mother.

Him: Why are you crazy?

Me: You should probably learn right now to never ask a crazy person why they are crazy.

Him: Can I get a hot chocolate?

These conversations always just go until one of us gets tired.  Some days, I give up, other days he moves onto something else, like hot chocolate.  Poor McGruff, she has only gotten a small taste of his personality.  Just wait until he starts pointing out when she forgets to do something, or does something a little differently.  Nothing gets past him.  That's my boy.  haha 

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  1. MD drives can drive out of a paper bag... they just make their own exit and tear up the bag in the process... TT