Sunday, October 30, 2011

You need a nice soft sheet to lay your ear on... if you're lucky enough to sleep.

Busy weekend, per usual... so I'll wrap it up with a few conversations that contain important information to know or at least consider as you're moving through life....

My husband and I were watching a show with an actress we like, and she happens to have a wonky ear.  I also have a wonky ear, so now that you're all caught up....

Husband I don't know if I like that haircut on her.  It really shows off her wonky ear.  It's like a dumbo ear, but she only has one so it would be like "Dumbo the 'I can only fly to the left' flying elephant."

Me HEY!  I have a wonky ear!  Are you saying there is something wrong with a wonky ear?

Him No!  Your wonky ear is cute.  She's a beautiful girl!  I'm just saying, that haircut is not flattering because it makes that stand out so much.  It's distracting.

Me Well, it's been proven that people with wonky ears are more smart and are generally the best people out there.  

Him Sounds like someone with a wonky ear made that up.  *gives me a wonky eye stare*

Me Of course they did!  Because they are smart!  Duh.  Didn't you hear what I said about the wonky ear'd folks being the smartest, so they would know this!  Maybe she just wants to flaunt it!  If you've got it, flaunt it!

Him You're on like some wonky-ear crusade here.  

Me I'm just trying to bring attention to the cause, empower my people.

Him You could use a hobby, I think.

After our show, we got to talking about a project we are about to undertake that involves using a green screen.  For this project, we simply need a blue or a green sheet...

Me Oh, we need to get on that photo project!  I need to find a blue or green sheet.

Him Maybe you can find one at Ollies or somewhere cheap.

Me There is no need to go to extremes here, I can just go get a cheap set from Target.  They have all sorts of colors for pretty reasonable prices.  It doesn't have to be the fancy sheets, just their cheapest set.

Him Like, what thread count?

Me There is no thread count.  When you're looking for the cheapest sheet you can find, they don't bother to mention the thread count.  It might say something like "It's a little better than newspaper... just sleep on it!"  or "Need to cover that dead body?  Eh, this'll do if you ain't got nothin' better."

Him Or it just says "Has threads?  Yes, we used one."

Me Oh it's like one of those cheeseburger cats... "I'm in your sheetz, stealin' your threadz."  Although, our cats wouldn't sleep on that.  They are 375 or better, type of cats.

And last, but never least, I got to reminisce with my sister, on facebook, about the time when she cut her hair and tried to cover up the crime the day before her pre-school pictures....

Her (This picture was taken) the day after I chopped off my hair (on one side), and mom had to cleverly tuck it behind my shoulder for the picture.

Me I remember that day oh so clearly.  You tried to blame all the hair on the chair on the cats. haha

Her hehe

Me So clever... if our cats were blondes...

Her And persian...

Me And able to cut their own hair.

Ah memories!  Especially memories where my little sister is the one getting in trouble instead of me, for once!


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