Monday, January 9, 2012

Searching for WHAT?! lands you here?

This conversation just happened, right after I was checking my blog stats for the evening (BTW thank ya'll for hanging around and reading these things.  It's so nice and  the kind of thing where I want to squeeze a bunch of super fluffy, super cute bunnies.... not until their dead - sickos- just a little friendly little squeeze.  But we noticed one more thing about the stats for our blog.... the word searches people are using on google to find us.  Apparently, you can search for a penis knock knock joke and it comes straight to my blog.  Also, looking for "Shamy" "The Big Bang Theory" and "weirdos" brings you here.  Thinking about it, I"m not the least bit shocked.

 But my husband suggested renaming my blog to the Penis Knock Knock Joke Shack.   

He Says C'mon down to the greatest Penis Knock Knock Joke discount shop at Hippiechic's Penis knock knock joke emporium.  

What's next?  People searching for clown fetishes and finding my blog?  Well at least they'll walk away with some idea of what kind of oven NOT to buy.  Even clown fetishists need to eat.

So now that i've said it, we'll get clown fetish traffic along with our penis knock knock joke traffic, and our zombie traffic.  Nothing less than great can come from this combination!

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