Thursday, November 1, 2012

Here, you throw this out.

I'm alive!  I'm sure I've already mentioned, this is my busy season, so please excuse any extended absence from the blog.  (My busy season starts winding down in late January... sometimes... sometimes February or March.)

So, now that's out of the way, let's get to it.  My husband and I always joke about how our zombie prepper friend is also our "Here, you throw this out" friend.  You may have one of these friends, too!  They are the type of people who, anytime they are getting rid of things, try to give it to you.  Or, maybe they bring you their junk mail or catalogs, because "I thought you could use this!" (Nah, I prefer Charmin, but thanks!)  Every single time we see this person we get something they should throw out, but for some reason would prefer we throw it out, instead.  I'll give you a few examples:

*A broken radio
* Old, dusty encyclopedias
*Coupons for diapers I repeatedly told them I never buy
*Baby formula (I nursed my babies)
*2 bags of old recipe magazines
*Clothing catalogs for unknown companies
*Disaster prepper supply catalogs
*A random tote bag
*Magazine articles clipped out and mailed to us, so obscure that we weren't sure
which side of the clippings we were supposed to read
*Codes from cereal boxes
*A brochure from their business that hasn't been open for more than 15 years
*Several Bibles

Okay, so if that list wasn't weird enough, and it's just a fraction of what we've gotten and some of them we have gotten many times over, I got perhaps the worst of all "Here, you throw this out"s today.  

Yes, now that Sandy has passed, and we escaped with just two leaks in our house that went through 2 floors of the house (and started on the first floor, not the top floor, so you know that was freaking SIDEWAYS rain!), everyone is getting back to normal around here.  So, our favorite zombie prepper sends me an email, notifying me that they are saving their 50 lbs of sand bags for me, and I can get them next week.  Yeah, I don't know either.  I want to write back "Do I have a sign on my front lawn that says "used sandbag storage"?  No!  Cause I'm not in the business of storing used sandbags!"  (If you haven't seen Pulp Fiction, I'm sorry.)

There is quite a bit of range between newspaper clippings and 50 lbs of something that, should the bags rip, would be a lot like unleashing hell all over my house.  If I ever dreamed it would get to this level, I would've saved everything they ever gave us, boxed it up, and shipped it back to them with "Here, I thought you could use this!"  Then we could be trapped in some warped game of "pass the trash".  I hear that is everyone's favorite game... well 2nd only to "Is it poop or chocolate?" (If anyone remembers which one of my blogs that was from, you get extra bonus points, because I couldn't find it!  Let me know if you remember!)

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