Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I don't see it.

Being the thrilling risk taker that I am, I opened my last pair of contacts before I had an eye appointment.  Today, one of them ripped.  I was lucky enough that someone cancelled their appt today, so I got in.  However, I do get to wait about a week for my new contact lenses to come in, and so I'm stuck wearing my glasses for awhile.  That's what I get for livin' on the edge.

Right away I started not playing well with others making friends by refusing the eye drops.  I insisted it was way more important for me to be able to see well enough to pick out some cute frames than for the doctor to see back into my eye better.  A girl has to have priorities.  At least I know mine.  It did not occur to me that my vision would already be shot since I didn't have my contacts in.  The minute I took my real glasses off, I realized I'd be picking out these glasses all blurry eyed, too.  Hopefully the cute pair I picked out will still be cute when I go pick them up with clear vision.

Speaking of my cute new frames, the lady at the glasses kiosk in the office kept telling me the glasses I was choosing to look at were so "geek chic".  I smiled at her, but I kept thinking "Ummmmm, normal, they are normal to me."  They were all the only ones I'd even consider, so what does that say about me?  I went with this great little pair that turned out to be Kate Spade, and then she pointed out I have expensive taste.  So, expensive geek chic?  What is the conversation we are having here?  Is this like "hipster cat" saying "It cost a lot of money to look this poor?".  I thought they were cute... not "revenge of the nerds".  Not even "revenge of the nerds walks into Bergdorfs."  Maybe I've shared enough of my life with a real geek that I can no longer recognize geek.  Kind of like how you can't smell your own house anymore until you go on vacation and come back.  I can't smell my own geek anymore.   

I guess I'll find out when they come in, and I get the verdict from my family... as long as they haven't become geek-desensitized.  Either way, it's going to be a long week wearing these old glasses that are from a couple prescriptions ago.  I get to enjoy a nagging headache while I squint at everyone.  I guess I'll finally know what it's like to be Gilbert Gottfried... minus the socially insensitive and inappropriate twitter outbursts.    

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