Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So, this just happened...

Husband So is your catnip done?

Me What?

Husband *much more slowly* Is. your. catnip. done?

Me What are you talking about?  It's still out there.  It'll just keep growing.

Husband Now what are YOU talking about?

Me What are YOU talking about?

Husband The catnip.

Me Yeah, me too.  What do you mean "is it done?"  It's like several bushes out there... it just keeps coming back, and it's still out there.  

Husband Not that catnip.

Me What other catnip is there?!  Ooooooooooooh.  Wait.  Dammit.  Yeah, that was probably done hours ago.

Thank goodness my husband doesn't expect anything other than this kind of conversation from me.  In my defense, how often does someone actually COOK catnip?  I'm guessing that, unless I want to never hear the end of it, I probably won't be cooking it again.  Sorry, cats.


  1. Maybe I'm just a little slow, but why are you cooking catnip??

  2. LOL these kinds of convos happen regularly in my house. Funny!

  3. Cooking catnip...sounds like making crack for the cat if you ask me...

    -B, Ltown

  4. I planted catnip around my garden to try to keep Mosquitos out. Well, that didn't work, but it loves it out there & is very prolific. The bushes were so huge, they started to shade the plants actually IN the garden. I had to cut the stalks in half, and rather than waste it, I baked it to dry it for the cats. I never cook catnip, so I forgot about it. Hope my cats enjoy it, because I'm sure to hear about it whenever I use the oven over the next few weeks.