Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You're the best, because it could be worse!

You know that pleasantly surprising moment when your significant other is speaking to you from their heart in a sweet, and touching way, as they express what you mean to them, and then.... well I'll just let this speak for itself.

Husband I was just thinking today how lucky I am.  I'm really so happy you're mine.

Me Awe, that's sweet.  Thank you.  I'm lucky to have you, too!

Husband No, really.  I was out at Wal Mart today, and it made me remember how good I have it.  I mean, you're not a meth-head.

Me Um, yeah.  Wait, is this a compliment compared to meth-heads?

Husband No, no!  You're a gorgeous woman, AND you're not a meth-head.  

Me Well, way to set the bar so incredibly high.  I mean, how will I ever be able to really live up to this "not a meth-head" requirement for your love?  Especially since I have all that free time, and I did go through all that trouble to build a lab and all.

Husband Well, I was looking around Wal Mart, and I realized it can't be easy in this town to be a woman and NOT be a meth-head.

Me I'm pretty sure your sample group was a little skewed, but yeah... I think I can continue with my struggle to be strong in this fight to resist meth.

Husband See, I'm a lucky man.

Me Great.  By the way, this beautiful moment has made me realize how lucky I am... that we did not write our own vows.  

I was thinking about this conversation earlier today while I was out shopping.  I realized that moment could come in handy.  I figured that when I come home from shopping, bags in hand, and my husband gives me that "WHAT did you buy?!" look... I can cheerfully point out "I'm not a meth-head!", and suddenly everything will be put in perspective.    

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  1. Not being a meth-head could come in handy for quite a few situations I would think. Like a get-out-of-jail-free card.

    yo mama