Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Public Displays of Vacation

You know those car magnets... the gratuitous announcements of where people prefer to vacation?  Well, I have a new magnet (as soon as I make it) that says "I vacation in your home... while you're at the OBX."  Creepy?  Sure.  Brilliant?  Why, yes!  Everyone loves car magnets and vacation, so this should make me a fortune.

Speaking of vacation, in less than 2 weeks I get to go on a road trip with my husband, without the kids!  Woot!  We are going to visit some actual grown adults a few states north of us.  I'm not sure what is more exciting... seeing some people whom share similar ideas to our own (which is near impossible to find where we live), or getting a break from fetching drinks, helping with the potty, cutting up food, and keeping two short humans from mortally wounding themselves.  Although my friend seemed disappointed that I would not be cutting up HER food for her, she took the news rather well.  I did explain that I wasn't so sure I would even cut up my own food, and instead I may opt to go all "snake" and just swallow my food whole.  OMG, I just realized I may actually get a chance to eat a meal while it's still hot.  Oh, the things that excite you when you're a parent!  We actually got excited when we realized we could listen to an audiobook on the drive up! 

It'll be nice to just get out of this town for a while, and see somewhere different.  I kinda knew it was time, when I asked the girl at the deli for "That fancy hipster grilled cheese", and she just gave me an angry scowl, and annoyed "What?", and I just walked away, too disappointed to eat.  (How about the only grilled cheese on your menu... the one that boasts about it's 3 cheeses in one sandwich... it's all the hipster rage... do you live under a rock?  The red Ronald McDonald streaks in your hair gave a more "I know what's up" vibe than your face and mouth gave off when you started to talk.  My mistake.).  It was the same grocery store where the cashier did not appreciate my quest for Schweddy Balls ice cream (Grocery tomfoolery, pretty tools, and invisible flowers).  It's like it's a requirement to completely lack a sense of humor to work there.  Take me on vacation, and deliver me from evil boredom. 

Alright, so someone who is never boring, is my 4 year old.  So, to wrap up, I'll throw in a kidism for you:

Me Honey, do you really want to wear those jeans.  You can, but they do have holes in them.

Son No, Mom, those are not holes. Those are my knee air conditioners.

Me Ah, and to think I almost threw them out.  I just did not even realize how high tech your pre-school fashion was.  Enjoy your ventilation.  


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  1. We are going on vacation next week. Unfortunately, there will still be potty helping. I think there will be potty helping till the day I need my own potty helping.