Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Funny

At a whopping 4 and a half years old, my son notices everything.  He's constantly trying to figure out the world around him, and of course this is mixed with the common childhood belief that that world revolves around him.  An observance of the moon's visibility patterns leads to a "The moon wants to be my friend!  He comes out to see me, and follows us wherever we go!"  Today the big topic is Easter.  I forgot that the Easter Bunny is at the mall for the mom-arazzi to get those holiday photo ops, and was not prepared to visit with him at the mall today.  My son, however, noticed all the kids lined up to chat with the plastic perma-grin, speechless, and a little mangy, rabbit. 

Son Mommy!  That bunny is huge!  Is that the real Easter Bunny?  I thought he'd be much smaller.  That can't be him.  That must be his giant friend.  And those kids think it's the REAL one!  

Me Yeah, that's incredulous.

He still wants to go back and sit on the imposter-bunny's lap later this week.  However, he did point out to all the ladies in the salon how everyone was being fooled by the comically large, obviously faux Easter Bunny... the real Easter bunny would NEVER be so unbelievably large.  No one knew quite how to react to him. Do they support Team Mall Bunny or do they agree that he's just a badly cast replacement bunny?   It was golden.  

Now aside from revelations about the Easter Bunny and his photo-op bunny squad, he has been obsessed with dying Easter eggs.  However, he nearly abandoned the idea when he saw a commercial that mentioned "dying Easter eggs."

Son *horrified look on his face*  Mommy!  When you put the eggs in the colors it KILLS THEM!  All those eggs are dead!

Me Honey, they are talking about dye... which is 'to color'... not die, like 'to cease to live'.    Those words sound the same, but they are very different.  The color is called dye.  You are just coloring their shells.  

Earlier today he told me they have "in-patient flowers" in his class.  He told me not to worry, because they also had patient flowers.  I'm not sure if they need to go to the hospital, or just learn the art of waiting.  Either way, it would probably have been easier if they just went with impatiens rather than in-patients.  That way you don't have to deal with insurance.

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