Saturday, March 31, 2012

On one hand...

Our family went out to Lowes today to get more garden, remodeling, and rocket ship building supplies.  Our cashier only had one arm.  My son has never seen someone missing a limb before (or at least not that he noticed), so he asked me why he had only one arm... this was how I chose to answer it (and then how I forgot he was listening to my answer...)

Me Why does your name tag say "Mixed Drink"? *noticing the drink chip in his tag*

Cashier Oh, a coworker just put that in there today, and I said "Whatever, I'll keep it there!"

Me Nice.  And, my son would like to know why you only have one arm.  (Don't you love my segue?) 

Cashier I was born this way.  Sometimes I say it was a shark attack, just to seem cool.

Me See, kiddo, he was born with one arm.  I guess you need two, but he only needs one.  

Son Oooooooooooh.  You can be born with one arm?

Me *to son* Yes.
       * to cashier*  Have you ever thought about telling people you were hiking and got it caught between two boulders, 127 hours style, and had to chew off your own arm?!  That would be seriously hardcore.

Son *horrified look on his face*

Cashier Oh yes, that movie was all about me.  *to my son*  I'm a movie star!

Son *still horrified and speechless*

Me I think he's still stuck on the chewing off your own arm bit.  I'm a horrible mother.

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