Thursday, March 29, 2012

Identity crisis

I love my dentist and hygienist.  They really have the gift of gab, and they crack me up.  Sometimes, they don't even realize they are making a funny... I just go home and share their little nuggets of unintentional comedic brilliance with my husband who appreciates that I recognized those little gems for what they were worth.  My dentist loves The Big Bang Theory, and (after I dressed as Amy Farrah Fowler for Halloween, next to my husband, who dressed as Sheldon) calls me Amy.  Today, though, my hygienist chimes in... 

Hygienist You know who you remind me of?  Princess Kate.  You look like Princess Kate. 

Me Maybe Kate, Duchess of Chunky Bits!  The real Kate Middleton is teensie tiny, as in "girl needs to eat a sandwich".

Hygienist No!  You aren't chunky, and she looks healthy... it's her sister that's too skinny.

Me I'm pretty sure, if I stood next to Kate, I'd be one of Jared from Subway's "before" pictures.  That girl makes either of the Olsen twins look like they've let themselves go.  I can't compete with that.  But thank you, that was so nice of you to say.  Now I'm going to go home and put on my tiara.  When my husband gives me that funny look of his, I'll tell him that now I know I'm totally pulling it off!

Hygienist (referring back to The Big Bang Halloween Costumes) Does your husband really look like Sheldon?

Me You've seen him.  All I had to do was comb his spikey hair down flat, and buy him a superhero t-shirt to wear over a striped shirt.  Ta-da!  Dr. Sheldon Cooper!  He's a hardcore nerd.  Princess Kate over here loves her some geek.

Dentist He really didn't have a superhero t-shirt?  Wow.  That is really shocking.  Of all my patients...

Oh my girls at the dentist office!  They fixed (at least so far) my raging tooth ache, and managed to make a visit to the dentist (which I otherwise consider my own personal Hell) a fun day out with the girls.  Not too shabby!

Bonus kid-ism of the day:

My oldest was singing along to Amy Winehouse, "Valerie"

Won't you come on over
Stop makin' a fool out of me...
Why don't you come on over Celery?


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