Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good news, good shoes!

Before I write anything else... the baby does NOT need tubes in his ears!  Woot!  After 4 antibiotics, 2 steriods, and steaming his ears with onions, he was cleared by the ENT who originally told us he needed the tubes.  I'm so glad that I refused them, initially.  I asked for one last chance with steroids, and got to work finding homeopathic remedies.  Sometimes, Mother does know best. 

So, now that the kids have been healthy for a few weeks (thank GOODNESS!!!), I have been sick.  Hence, I haven't been feeling very inspired to write.  I've been more inspired to acquire throat lozenges and keep up with the cough medicine.  Spring fever... literally.

I did find something to cheer me up today...  purple converse shoes.  They were just too awesome to pass up.  Note to manufacturers... make it purple and I will buy it. 

I didn't just shoe shop today, I also set up my kid's teacher.  My oldest asked me what the biggest city in the world was.  Well, we were on the way to school, so I couldn't look it up.  I suggested he ask his teacher if she knew.  He said "What if she says she doesn't know."  I said "Then tell her, 'Then we should look it up!'  She would TOTALLY love to drop everything and look that up with you.  She'll be so happy that Mommy thought of that."  I have no idea what possessed me to disrupt her day with my relentlessly curious child, and his desire to acquire answers for future trivia games, but it felt good to pass the buck to someone else.

And, just for fun...

Kid-ism of the day:

4 year old 

Me "These chips?  I suppose we can get them this time."

4YO "Thank you!  I love Dingles!"

Me "You're welcome.  You mean Pringles?"

4YO "Dingles."

Me "Even better."

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