Saturday, February 11, 2012

What a pain in the neck... both literally and figuratively.

As you may have previously read, I had some dental work done last week, which set off a series of events that lead to my neck being injured.  After 2 hours with my neck cranked back all the way, and my jaw held open, my neck was stiff.  Later, reaching for something, I felt something like a shock go down my arm and my arm go numb.  Then, to top it all off, I lifted my son into his booster seat, and twisted my neck.  That was the last straw, apparently, because I lost nearly all range of motion.  It was seriously painful... a 7-8 on a scale of 10... all the time.  Even resting. 

My sister knew what I was going through.  Suffering from neck and back pain herself, she understood all too well.  She is lucky to have a friend who is a massage therapist... and I'm lucky enough to have my sister to send said massage therapist over to my house to fix me.  I'm a very lucky girl!  It was the best thing I could've done to help my neck.  The massage therapist was wonderful.  She was calming, helped me relax, and knew just what to do to help me.  A lot of the knots I have were obviously there for a long time.  I just had accumulated so many, it was too painful to ignore anymore.  She found them all, loosened them up, and today I have much greater range of motion.  I'm a little tender, but it's nothing like this past week.  I couldn't be happier.  I even felt some of the stress I was under melt away.  Enough of the gray cloud lifted that I started to see little bits of my usual self shine through.  It's been a long time since I've felt like myself. 

On a related note, but kinda off topic... I got my camera back today.  I haven't really blogged about what happened, because I like to either put up things that I can write about in an entertaining way, or, like above, tell a story that I think might help someone else who gets into a similar situation.  (Moral of above story... sore neck?  get a real, full on massage!  Stressed out?  Massage for that, too!)  But, this story is just mean and depressing.  It ends with me deciding I no longer had it in me to show up somewhere to be insulted, put down, one upped, humiliated, whatever she came up with to pester me about anymore.  Then I left my camera there... and we had to go back today to get it.  So there is your laugh... seeing the comedy in announcing you won't be back and then having to immediately go back.  Only I could be so dumb.  Oh well!  I have my camera, and I have my self respect.  So, really, I worked at getting rid of 2 pains in my neck this week.  One pain shows I stress too much, work too hard without remembering to play hard, too, and take on too much, creating stress and tension.  The other pain shows that I can never work hard enough to please her. 

Alright, in need of a lighter note to end this post?  Kid-ism of the day!

Son *explaining his dream to me* I had a dream about a funny monster.  He was really just silly.  He kept coming over to my basket of death, and putting dead things in it.

Me You have a basket of death?

Son Yeah, it's for dead things.

Me Well, okay then.  Where is it?

Son It's just in my dream, Mommy!  

Me Thank goodness, because I seriously think that thing would start to stink sooner rather than later.


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