Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What happens during a single vacation day

My husband took off work today so that I could get some dental work done.  Most of you know that I do require taking an anxiolytic in order to agree to any painful dental procedures.  It was nice to have him around in the middle of the week.  He even went grocery shopping and cooked dinner!  It was great.  :)

While my husband was out at the market, I took the time to whip up some icing to go with the "chocolate chip cookie cupcakes" I created last night at my 4 year old's request.  We rarely let him eat sweets, so he got to have one of the cupcakes, so I had a bunch left over.  I figured I'd experiment with a new icing flavor to go with the cupcake creation.  Of course I had to taste test a cupcake when I was finished.  I got halfway through the cupcake, and the sugar had me in a near coma.  (Sweets and I have a love/coma relationship.)  I quickly abandoned half the cupcake at the table, icing making equipment and ingredients all over the kitchen counter, and crashed on the sofa.  My husband came home, and took one look at the scene and started laughing.

Me What?

Husband It's like a cupcake crime scene in here!  Dirty mixer, sugar spilled on the counter.  Drips of vanilla.  A half eaten cupcake.  And my wife passed out on the couch.  What is going on in here?!

Me Perhaps the spawn of a chocolate chip cookie and a cupcake is a bit much for me.  Another bite would have been lethal.  Don't throw it out.  I'll be back for the other half as soon as I can get off of this couch.

Husband Of course.  That's reasonable.

My son had come into the room, and was eager to tell me all about their shopping trip.  He was very upset that my husband had put the free cookie club cookie in his pocket, and it broke.

Me Why did you have a cookie in your pocket?

Husband Well, he wasn't ready to eat it, so I had to put it somewhere.  Don't worry, I explained we do not put things in our pocket at the store that are for sale.  I told him this was like the free piece of cheese they give the kids.  It's a free sample, and that is different.  We only put the free cookies or free cheese in our pockets.

Me Actually, I prefer he doesn't put any food in his pocket.  ESPECIALLY the free cheese.

Husband Why not?  Pocket cheese is the best.  Especially when Mommy finds in in your pocket days later when she's pulling clothes out of the washer.  Mommy loves that!

Me No, nope.  Mommy never loves that.  Just eat the free cheese, and be done with it.  No cheese pockets.

This really could be another example of "When Daddy's in charge."  I haven't even mentioned that he gave the baby animal cookies and sausage for lunch the other day.  You did not read that wrong.  Blech....

After the whole pocket cheese incident, I decided to have my revenge through Dora.  My son was insisting on watching Dora, and we hate this show.  Mostly because it's simple, boring, and she screams at you the whole time. 

Me Hey, kiddo.  Daddy saved that for you?

Son Yeah, I wanted him to record it.

Me Awe, that was nice.  Daddy LOVES Dora.

Husband See, son, that is called "sarcasm".  Mommy was taking moment to teach a lesson about sarcasm, and give you a good example.  Daddy really does NOT love Dora.  He doesn't like it at all... If he did like it, he would like it ironically.  Mommy thinks she's being funny.

Me See, kiddo, he really does like Dora.  He probably wants to watch it with you every day.  When he says he'd like it ironically... that means it's his very favorite show.

At this point, my husband was just rolling his eyes and walking away.  It was probably for the best.  He did start making dinner, though, so maybe he found inspiration in Dora to be a better person.  

In other news, Happy 200th blog post! 

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