Thursday, February 16, 2012

MIA... but not the kind that flips the bird on national tv

I know my posts have been spotty, at best, lately.  If you've guessed "sick kids, again" as the reason, you win!  You don't win anything really, because I wouldn't have had the time to run out and put together a little prize bag, but you could brag about it, if you'd like. 

Now is the part where I dish out some unsolicited advice... I accidentally discovered that the health benefits of zinc are, in fact, not at all exaggerated when it comes to preventing illness or reducing the severity of illness.  I take zinc every day for my hair.  I didn't while pregnant or nursing, but this fall I resumed taking it.  My sons have been sick since labor day, with only a 1-5 day break in between illnesses.  This is not an exaggeration.  My husband has caught nearly everything they come down with, as well.  I, however, have only caught one cold.  It was terrible, but it was only one of the many the rest of them suffered through.  Then, when picking up some Zicam, as recommended by another nurse friend of mine, I noticed it's just zinc.  That's when it dawned on me.  That is why I haven't been sick.  So, it's not such a funny post, but this post could save you some miserable colds... or at least shorten them.  Twice I did have a sore throat for less than a day, but then it vanished.  There you have it.  My own, accidental, science experiment.  Where was this in high school, when I had to think up my own projects on purpose?

PS, If I already wrote about zinc, sorry, I'm sleep deprived & zinc does squat for that.

On a sillier note... today we were watching a TED talk, and it was about marriage.  The woman giving the "lecture" put up a picture of that "porn for women" calendar... you know the one... all the hot guys doing chores... dishes, vacuuming... etc... Well she said they did a study, and the more a man was willing to help with the domestic work, the more attractive he seemed to his wife, and, therefore, the more sex they had.  I would point out here that they didn't have to waste time or money on a study, but she pointed out that it was unnecessary already.  They simply could've asked any wife, and she would have agreed.  One hour later, my husband starts telling me how he had done some dishes, and taken care of our cat's box...

Me "Wait, are you name-dropping chores, now?"

Him "Yes, are you impressed?"

Me "Well, when you walked in the room earlier, for a moment there I was all 'Wait, who IS that sexy beast?'."

And, if you watched "30 Rock" tonight, after we were done our snarky laughter, we got back to our hot night of "normaling" with diaper changes, trying to talk to each other while brushing our teeth (so pointless, but strangely amusing, and one of our only chances to talk to each other, uninterrupted), and complaining about how dry the air is in this place.  I know... RENT A ROOM!  At least then we could get a full night of glorious, uninterrupted, delicious... sleep.  Speaking of sleep... goodnight!

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