Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's official, I can build stuff!

Our favorite Friday night show (maybe overall show, actually) was not on tonight, so my husband and I decided to put up a frame for part of one wall in our basement.  We are finishing off half of the basement as a family room.  (The other half contains an office and storage already.)  Well, we did it!  It's level, too!  I know, hold your applause.  We did use a chalk line at one point, and my husband read off the warnings on the package before we used the doo-hicky thing to make the chalk line.  I only noticed he was speaking, but didn't hear what he was saying.  After we snapped the line I tasted chalk, and realized it was on my hands, too... probably also in my hair and eyes.

Me Honey, what did that package say about breathing in that chalk, or getting it in your eyes.  Oh, and also getting it on your skin.  Should I be wearing gloves?

Husband It says "For super duper good health, breathe in chalk very deeply.  Also, apply to skin liberally, then touch your eyes."

Me We should probably do it again, in that case.

I'm so glad you can get a straight answer around here.  Anywho, the frame is up, and I believe our house is now officially worth two dollars and fifty cents more than it was before we started the project a week ago.  As my husband said:

Husband We're exactly like Mr. and Mrs. Viva.

Me What do paper towels have to do with this?  We are paper towels, or the inventors of paper towels?

Husband What are you talking about?

Me What are YOU talking about?

Husband Like Bob Viva.

Me Vila... Bob Vila.  Yes, exactly like him.  Maybe you should lay off breathing in that chalk.

One more thing for the night... I miss you D!  I'd say I wish everyone could have you as a friend, and be as blessed as I am... but that's not true.  I want to hog you all to myself.  That is probably why we had to be moved to opposite ends of the country... anytime you have something you want to keep to yourself, eventually you do have to share.  I hope the west can recognize how awesome you are, and that they appreciate you... otherwise I'll be super pissed that I had to share.

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