Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pictures with Santa, brought to you by Robitussin Peak Cold, and someone's getting hit in the face.

I know I've been missing.  Our entire family came down with some nasty respiratory virus that's been going around.  I'm just now starting to get better.  This is NOT the time of year to be out of commission.  To make a long story short, I've been making up for the past several days of being held back due to illness and just crammed about 4 or 5 days of work into one day.  I wanted to get the boys to the mall for the traditional Santa picture, and for my oldest son to get to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas.

Last year, we took the boys on a Saturday to see Santa.  It was horrible.  The line was horrendous.  The baby was asleep (so I chose not to wake him, so no picture for him), and... while waiting in line, my son (who was waiting patiently and on his best behavior), had the monster child standing in front of him turn around and snarl at him and slap him in the face!  In front of Santa!  That is pretty gutsy.  My husband told the kid "Um, do not hit my son in the face.", and the brat's mother turned around, glared at us, and never once apologized for her child's terrible behavior.  She did, however, treat us like we had some nerve to stand there and get slapped like that.  I know, we are terrible people to just stand there like that.

Needless to say, I was not overly excited for the hoo ha you have to go through to get those cute Santa shots.  Who wants to stand in line with a bunch of screaming kids, then plop their kids in some stranger in a stinky synthetic beard's lap that some kid probably already peed in, and all in their nice Christmas outfits... oh and risk getting beat up in line?  Ho ho ho!  However, I played my cards right this year!  I gave the boys an early lunch, dressed 'em up, and off we went.  We were the only ones in line.  The non-existant wait was face-slap-free, and the boys got to spend extra time with Santa since no one was behind us, either.  The boys loved it, and we got a cute picture.  The baby didn't smile, but he didn't cry.  He just looked apathetic.  haha  He's such a serious thinker, that one. 

Upon getting home, my littlest was ready for his nap.  I got to work cleaning the house for our company tomorrow.  Almost as soon as my kiddo woke up from his nap, my oldest gave him some sort of hug then went to pull him to the ground with him, and instead slammed him head first into the corner of our coffee table, narrowly missing gouging his eye out.  Like 1/4 inch different, and the baby would not be seeing out that eye anymore.  Luckily, the eye was spared... but he has a huge shiner now for the rest of the season's holiday pictures. 

The holidays are never short on drama, are they?!  I am pretty caught up now, thanks to a marathon day of grocery shopping, gift shopping, Santa sitting, complete house cleaning, laundry doing, cookie mailing, and boo boo fixing.  Now, tomorrow, drive my son to and from school, get someone from the airport, and attend a retirement/Christmas party.  We're gonna aim for no more illness or injury... hopefully we'll make it to 2012. 

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