Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Maiden Voyage

After hours of putting together my new Nordic Track elliptical machine, my husband told me she was ready to run.  We had placed it so I could see the TV, if I liked, and the thing is iphone/ipod friendly, so I could choose to plug in my own mp3s.  I was probably most excited about that.  I'm not very graceful or sturdy, for that matter.  This leads to problems with my ear bud wires when working out.  I always manage to get the wires caught on something, and usually that something is a part of my own body.  Occasionally that part is a moving part of the machine I'm on.  It's never pretty.  So, I thought the mp3 player compatibility was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I was right, to an extent.  It turns out, the even better thing was being able to watch whatever I wanted on the big screen TV, and WITH sound.  Not for one precious moment did I have to suffer through Fox News or any soaps. I listened to my music, watched a bit of this weeks Community (that I had already seen... c'mon people, watch the show!  It's smart and funny.  One of the best.), and then a Colbert (I had not yet seen).  It was Heaven. 

After more than 2 years without setting foot on an elliptical, I was so proud to get in a full work out.  I remember years ago, when I first started going to a gym, how I could barely stay on an elliptical for 3 minutes.  Exercise was so foreign to me, and it sucked so bad.  I just wanted to topple over the skinny girls on their machines, tearin it up, looking awesome and perfect.  Eventually, I was the little girl on the machine, and then I didn't mind the other tiny girls so much.  Funny how that works.  Anyway, I still hated working out in front of other people.  I only went in for the elliptical, did my thing, and left.  I HATED when the guy who worked their would come chit chat with me.  And you all know how much I love chit chat, but not while I'm sweaty and gross and beet red.  Keep your distance!  I'm busy over here, and I'm pretty sure I'm actually melting like the wicked witch. 

Thank you, Sears, for having a great Black Friday sale!  My husband woke at 4:00 AM to get there at 4:30 and placed his order to bring the gym (or really the only part I loved about the gym) to me.  So, now I have everything I loved about it, and nothing I hated.  I have MY music, MY shows, no one watching me, no set gym hours, and I can wear whatever I want.  Then, in the end, I just walk upstairs and go straight to my private shower.  And that brings me to this moment.  I have all the lovely endorphins you get from exercising, making me feel good, and I get to relax and write my blog instead of drive home in the cold, dark night. 

I need to mention that my husband is currently sick with, what appears to be, a nasty sinus/upper respiratory infection, yet he still wanted to put this together for me.  On top of that, he told me I was Superwoman.  It was nice, that even in a moment where it's totally acceptable to be self-absorbed due to illness, he recognized how much I bust my butt around here.  Don't worry, I helped put it together, and while I wasn't doing that I was cleaning and organizing the basement.  Then, after it was finished, I thanked him profusely.  (I had previously suggested we skip putting it together, and take a nap instead, but he turned that down.  Our oldest was at the movies with my Mom, and the youngest was sleeping, but he wanted to get that finished for me.  Super sweet.)  He wins the day!

I should have asked him for world peace, this Christmas.  I am pretty sure he would've made that happen, too. 

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