Sunday, February 3, 2013

Live Blogging the Super Bowl

I'm live blogging the Super Bowl. 

Well, of course after I went and got groceries while the game started and everyone else was watching football.  #LikebeingJewishonChristmasDay

I like football as much as the next girl... unless the next girl likes football... then no.

It's okay, my husband doesn't watch football either.  It might have something to do with the "xxxLiveNudeGirlxxx!!!" sign I hang on the door during games.  ;)

Just kidding about that last one, kinda.  I mean, though, c'mon... men in spandex chasing each other over a ball or an actual woman?  Try it, ladies.

Did Ray Lewis consider stabbing the other team?  It would at least slow them down.

So, my husband hears Beyonce and hollers from the other room "Is it halftime?"  I tried to convince him it wasn't... it was just the teams pants off dance off.  Then, for some reason not believing me, he comes in and asks "Is that Shakira or Beyonce?"  I guess more than one gal has hips that don't lie.

Now we are playing "What the hell is this commercial advertising?!"  Oprah's got a new show?  Are they gonna say to everyone at the super bowl... look under your seat... you're all getting cars?  Joining the military?  Is there an Oprah movie coming out?!  Quick, look under our couch, maybe we got a new car, too!

Oh, wait!  My husband is actually cheering!  Of course, it's for the 2 Broke Girls commercial... 

Oh, instant replay... of the 2 Broke Girls commercial.

And the game just turned into The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, from our DVR.  He's looking strong tonight.  I think he'll win this one.

#SpoilerAlert  Jon is opting to not wear the spandex or helmet.  No matter how much I beg.

We are now officially out of our Super Bowl appetizers.  And by that I mean I just finished eating this strawberry cottage double.  

Update: There was no car from Oprah under my seat, but there was a lego and a crayon.

Ugh, my sister missed the 2 Broke Girls commercial because she is doing the Super Bowl wrong.  Do your laundry while they are throwing that ball around, for Pete's sake, not during the good parts. 

I hear the lights went out.  Someone playing the "Ray Lewis Crying Drinking Game" probably just passed out against the light switch.

They just advertised football during football.  Maybe they could put a little mini super bowl in the corner of the screen so we can watch a football commercial advertising football during the football game while we watch a football commercial advertising football during the football game, just like the mini facebook in the corner of facebook idea... cause you CANNOT get enough football.

Oh now they are gonna talk about football since we can't see football with the lights out.  Aaaaaand back to Jon Stewart....

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  1. Updated Spoiler Alert: Ravens won. I can tell by the gunshots in this clASSy neighborhood. The TV had been off for almost 2 hrs. Next time I shop a good sale & score big, I'm shootin something, too!