Sunday, February 10, 2013

And this is why we are together...

My husband and I, 2 conversations that took place within hours of each other...

Me I think I'm going to try that natural food store in town.  You know, the one where everyone says the man who works there is mean.  

Him Why would you do that?  Everyone says he's horrible to deal with.

Me Who is this "everyone"?  I'm not afraid of a natural food salesman.  He can be mean all he wants, as long as he has some yummy gluten free selections.

Him No, I think it's more like a raw foods store.  Like organic things.  Think "Here's a clump of dried kale for you to snack on, and maybe break a tooth." Not "Try our tasty gluten free treats!"

Me No, there was an entire write up about that place in the paper.  They even have gluten free shampoo.

Him Wouldn't it be easier for these people to stop eating their shampoo?  It seems a little extreme to go all the way to a natural foods store to get your nom on with shampoo.

Me They aren't eating it!

Him Who puts wheat in shampoo, anyway?!

Me I don't know!  I'm not the maker of shampoos!  I don't know the recipe.  Pantene has vitamins,that's all I know.

Him Who are all these pica celiac disease patients living here demanding gluten free shampoo appetizers?

Me I think we're done here.  I'd rather talk to the grumpy nature food man.

3 hours later

Me *singing the old dunkaroos commercial while doing laundry*

Him Here's my wife.  She knows everything from washing the gray out of your hair, checking up on your baby doll, and snacking on the go with a bad Australian accent.  

Me *singing* I'll make you all better now, Baby Check Up... Mommy knows how, Baby Check Up!

Him The inside of your mind must be a, hmmmmmmmmmmm, special place.

There are days where I cannot tell who is losing more touch with reality.  That may be why we are together.  We probably couldn't function very long around people who had more of a handle on the world around them. *le sigh*


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