Thursday, December 20, 2012

Are you here for the coffee or the kid?

Today I put my son in time out at the grocery store. Right there. The next to last aisle. I set a timer. I'm not playing around y'all. Anyway, as he sat there amongst the coffee creamer and Folgers, a shaved headed, tattooed, portly fellow noticed us. He gave me a quick grin from out of my son's view, then he approached us. He bent down towards my kid and in a scruffy voice said "You waiting' for someone to take 'em?!" I looked at him, very serious, and said "You never know, maybe!"  My son sat straight up, stared at us, and moved a little closer to the cart. As the man walked away, the time out alarm went off. My son stood up, took his place next to me & behaved quite nicely as we made our way to the front of the store where I was going to meet up with my husband. Then my son said "By the way, I'm looking for Daddy. I should walk with him!". I wasn't too upset over the diss, as he was still behaving. :)

Quick, unrelated note. My laptop has been sent for repairs, yes my brand new one they sent back without fixing the first time. I have not forgot about the blog. Today's little post was short enough to do on my phone, though. :) I will return!

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