Friday, December 21, 2012

I haven't been around, blame Gateway

So, as you may recall, or may not, I got a new laptop for my birthday (well a few weeks before it, but it was my gift).  Instantly we could tell it was broken.  The touch pad would not work while the laptop was plugged in.  So, as long as the battery was charged, you were okay, at least at this point, but as soon as you ran out of battery and had to plug it in... no working laptop.  So, this has put a major hiccup into my blogging for the past few months.  We paid to send it back, they sent it back.  I sat down to write on it (not for the blog, but for an actual book), and totally unusable.  Same problem.  I had half a sentence written.  So, we sent it back, again, this time they provided a label, and my husband provided a "do not send this back unless the problem is fixed" note with it.  We got it back today, problem not fixed.  So, now it's my turn with customer service...

Subin (Listening)
Subin: Hi, my name is Subin. How may I help you?.

Me: Hello

Me: Why does gateway continue to send my BRAND NEW, yet BROKEN computer back to me without repairing it? Do they think I enjoy going long periods of time without my computer just to keep shipping it back and forth for nothing?  Do they think it's funny to take our money and give me a product I can not properly use?  I am a writer, and have lost 2 months of writing time to this problem.  Who would like to pay me for my time?  It seems more simple to just replace the machine and waste your own time looking for the problem that we have recorded and documented on video, than to continue with this game of sending it back to me, twice now, still broken.  You are wasting my time, infuriating me, and displaying a total lack of interest in keeping customers or the fact that you are losing potential customers every time I share this story with anyone.  You have sold me a broken machine.  You need to replace it at this point.  Sending it back to me over and over again, still unable to use, at all, once the battery is run down and it needs to be plugged in, which then for some reasons renders the touch pad completely useless, is no longer acceptable.  It wasn't acceptable in the first place, but at this point in time, I'm considering this a theft of my money for a worthless product that came not at all as advertised (which is mainly because you advertise you can USE the machine, and I CANNOT use mine).  Also, your company has cost me money to ship the laptop back the first time.  The second time they issued a label, but really there should never have been a second time, now should there?  No.  Who do I need to report this to?  Corporate?

Subin: I am really sorry to know that. 

Me: Me, too!

Subin: not to worry, in this case, I will transfer the chat to our level 2 support. 

Me: Thank you.

Subin: They will help you with this. 

Me: ok

Subin: Unfortunately our next level of support working hours is between 8 AM to 4.45 PM CST (Monday to Friday)

Subin: Could you please get back to us within 8 AM and 4.45 PM CST (Monday to Friday) so that we will go ahead and  transfer the chat session to our level 2 technician.

Subin: Is that okay with you?

Subin: I will document all your concern and provide the case ID. 

Me: Well, it's not really okay since it is the weekend now and then we have the holidays here, so it's going to put me out of work for too long, again... but since there is no other way, I will get back during those times.

Subin: I can really understand your situation. 

Subin: I would be unhappy if that happened to me too.

Me: Is there a case ID number?

Subin: Yes. Let me document all your concern in detail. 

Me: Ok

Subin: I apologize if I ever disappointed you over the chat. I have done my best to assist you with the available resources.

Me: Thank you for trying to help\

Subin: please contact us back during the level 2 timing. We will transfer the chat to level 2 support. 

Me: Thank you

Subin: You are welcome.

Subin: I appreciate you for the valuable time that you spent with me. 

So we can all take a moment to enjoy the following things:
#1 My husband never managed to get to this super secret "level 2", but one time with the scorned woman....
#2 Poor Subin trying to use the script they give the customer service people to try and deal with "woman of fury" over here, but that is pretty freakin hilarious
#3 Oh yeah, just fuck you Gateway, send me a replacement and stop wasting my time.  The people want new blog posts, and it's kind hard to type these things up on my phone!  Oy!

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