Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Where do you put the batteries?

When I took my oldest son to the eye doctor today, I instantly thought back to my visits as a young'n to see my eye doc.  I remembered sitting in the waiting room with my sister, thumbing through the old, wrinkly magazines.  And there was that time we sat there trading insults back and forth, in the form of names like "dork" or "dweeb".  It was rapid fire, until she suddenly stopped.  Several minutes later, I saw the light bulb come on over her little blonde head, and she slowly turned to me with a proud smirk on her face and said "Goooooooooooooooooooooooberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."  Needless to say, that comes up... a lot.... in conversations with us today.  Anywho, that is the way things were. 

Today, it was "pediatric" day at the office.  The waiting room had several small children in it, mostly little boys, and I quickly noticed every single one of them was playing  a game on a phone, iPod, iPad, or Kindle.  All, except my littlest one, who was soooooo thrilled to play with the beads on wires.  Then, the kids started swapping their electronic devices to play the games they didn't have on their own.  Just as I was thinking how funny this looked, and how these kids seriously have it made in the shade when it comes to having to wait in a waiting room (and how I wanted to take a picture, but the little boy in the orange shirt now had my phone), my son suddenly looked up from the iPad he had acquired and said

Son Hey, I know how to play a game that doesn't use a phone.  It's called "Jet Pack!".

Kid in Blue What, is it like on a DS?

Son Um, no.  It's just "Jet Pack"!

Kid in Orange Is it on the Wii?!

Son No, but WE can play it.  It's just "Jet Pack."  I'll show you.

Kid in Blue Where, on, like, your Nintendo?

Son You just pretend to wear a Jet Pack, and then you pretend to fly around to wherever you want to go.  You can go to space!

Kid in Orange Oh, I have "Angry Birds, Space edition."

Son No. *sigh*



  1. These kids would not know what to do if the floor turned into lava!

  2. Haha! So true! Poor kids. :( Lava floors are so exciting!