Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I didn't forget YOU, but I have forgotten how to count

In case it isn't obvious, I've been tied up with finishing our home renovation downstairs and preparing for my oldest son's 5th birthday party (which will be held Saturday... then I can crash on Sunday...).  We had one big rush of work done down there last week, and then I painted for, no lie, 26 hours this weekend.  I had to paint the new room and repaint the stairwell thanks to it being beat up taking construction supplies and equipment up and down.  And no matter how frequently I wake in the night with painful charlie horses (thanks to squatting for hours trying to get the trim paint perfect since I'm ridiculous), I have a million errands to run, a lot of reorganizing to do, moving furniture, redecorating, paint touch ups, party prep, cleaning, food prep and baking to do by Saturday... not to mention the presents and cake for Thursday (his actual birthday). 

But I do remember that I have a blog, and wanted to pop in and say I swear I'm not abandoning it.  I have totally forgotten how to count (which is why I'll be making my 3rd trip to the craft store for more card stock paper I need for a game I made for the party), but hopefully when I have the time to write a real blog post I will have remembered how to count.

Until then, talk amongst yourselves! 

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