Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The blog has taken a back seat to a few things in the family lately.  The biggest thing going on is the development of some fears for our 3 year old.  He is becoming downright phobic about monsters, ghosts, and shadows.  It has even interrupted his eating.  He, of course, is having all sorts of trouble with sleep due to this.  Since I usually blog at night, it's been difficult to do that when he's up so late, afraid.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'm willing to try some other ideas in addition to the ones we've come up with.  We have drawn and posted "No Monsters!" signs, looked for them to see there are none, explained that they are really no monsters anyway & how they are pretend, slept with him in his room, explained how we will protect him.  I also put a bar of soap under his bed to keep monsters away.  (Everyone knows how monsters love to be dirty and smelly, so they are really terrified of soap and will stay far away from it!!)  We are also looking for the Mr. Rogers' episode where he explains the difference between real and pretend. 

Also, it's garden time!  I've been prepping my garden to turn it into several raised beds.  We have already planted our peas, so that one section can't be raised this season, but it can be boxed in at least.  Hopefully we can plant this weekend.  This prep and start to the garden season is very time consuming.  I have very little in the way of time to myself. 

So I have decided to only write when I have something interesting, or possibly interesting, going on.  It seems to me that what used to be constant craziness died down the minute I decided to write things down!  Isn't that how life works?  We had some crazy things happen this weekend, and if I get a chance maybe I can write about that, but for now I have to do some garden studying! 

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